Caviar has a lifespan of 10 months after its production date. Only the 10 gram tins have 6 months of shelf life. Caviar is a product which undergoes a natural maturation, which is why you will never get caviar from the production day. We let our caviar ‘rest’ in our stock for a while. This maturation period varies between 1 and 5 months.

To ensure the best quality, the storage temperature of caviar is essential. The most ideal temperature is between 0°C and 4°C. Royal Belgian Caviar stores the caviar at an optimal temperature. Therefore, you should try to limit the time between purchase and consumption and store the caviar in the refrigerator immediately.

Tip: Store the caviar at the back of the fridge, where the temperature is most stable.

To experience the full flavor of caviar, a piece of bread or a blini with real butter or sour cream is quite sufficient. It makes for a perfect match with a glass of white wine or champagne.

Make sure to always use a spoon made of pearl, plastic or wood. Contact with metal, and especially silver can be devastating to the caviar’s taste.