Pioneer in breeding strong and healthy sturgeons since 1991.

Natural area

Ponds in a natural area allowing our sturgeons to live a happy and peaceful life.

Own fish feed

Development and production of own sturgeon food with respect for the natural diet of the sturgeon.

Respect for tradition

We swear by the traditional age-old preparation method.

Fresh packaging

90% of caviar on the market is repackaged. Royal Belgian Caviar packages caviar directly in the final packaging.

Zero waste

We filter 97% of our total water consumption to pure water. 3% is processed in agriculture.


We breed the sturgeons we need, which makes it unnecessary to catch the protected sturgeon in the wild.


Our short chain guarantees freshness and traceability.

Collection caviar

Our story

Royal Belgian Caviar is the pioneer of ‘the black gold’ in our country.

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