Tasting advice

To ensure an optimal experience of all the caviar flavours all you need is a piece of bread or a blini with a touch of real butter or sour cream. Perfect with a glass of cooled white wine or champagne.

Even when caviar is used in a dish, just keep it simple. Especially avoid an excess of flavours. Caviar is best served cooled. In combination with a warm dish the caviar should preferably be served on a separate plate or in a cooled glass.

Always use pearl, wooden or plastic teaspoons. Contact with metal, and especially silver, will be pernicious to the taste.

Caviar rock

Practical tips

The storage temperature of caviar is essential to guarantee its quality. The most ideal temperature is between –2°C and +4°C. A professional caviar trader will store the caviar at optimal temperature. Therefore, the time between buying and consumption should be limited. After purchase keep the caviar in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

If possible, serve the caviar cooled on ice. Caviar is extremely sensitive to oxidation.

When exposed to the air changes in flavour will occur quite quickly which may negatively affect the taste. Open the can just before serving and preferably use it completely. Any leftovers can already have a different taste the next day.